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I help women end the vicious cycle of fad dieting and instead address root causes of inflammation using my whole person approach to health and healing.

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Energy Kinesiologist

Goal Setting

I believe that when we show up to do the work that inspires us, we are motivated to think, eat, and live in accordance with the life we are meant to live. We do not need to set goals to lose weight; weight loss can be a comfortable result of showing up to be the person you hope to be in your life, as long as you have a vision, a goal, and the tools to be successful.

Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching

I was inspired to become a health coach when I struggled with digestive issues that were diagnosed as generalized IBS. At the time I was depressed, bloated, and frustrated. I struggled with weight gain and binge eating and drinking, and I was at a complete loss until I took my health into my own hands and began studying how to heal our bodies with whole foods. 

I spent 12-years deeply invested in fixing my issues and helping others with the same by getting curious about our individual needs in relation to diet, exercise, and mindset. I now guide my own clients to find the strength within to adopt behavioral change to improve their health and stand empowered in their busy and complex lives. 

My signature program, The Energetic Eating Method, focuses on the three main areas of our life that I believe help cultivate happiness and satisfaction: knowledge, connection, and health. Together we find the best course of action to remove the obstacles to change in these areas and restore balance to the whole body system so you can show up every day as the person you are meant to be in body and mind.

Energy Kinesiology

I was introduced to applied kinesiology in 2017 when my daughter was diagnosed with eczema. I felt deep down that it was inflammatory and looked for unconventional ways to address the problem rather than just putting steroid creams on it as recommended by her dermatologist. I wanted to know what was happening on the inside of her body. 

I learned about applied kinesiology, a form of biofeedback using muscle testing to find out what is affecting the energetic body and how to bring about balance. Once we found out her food intolerances using this method, and her eczema cleared up, I was hooked and studied energy kinesiology for two years with The Kinesiology Institute out of Long Beach, CA. As a kinesiologist, I find areas of the body out of balance, and identify the best way to detoxify and restore homeostasis using a variety of techniques, including supplementation, diet adjustments, acupressure, stretching, and gentle massage.

Lots and Lots of Never Ending Education

I am an information, education, self-help junkie. I hold a bachelor’s degree in both Interpersonal Communication and Telecommunication and masters degrees in Media Studies as well as Education. I was certified as a 200-hr yoga teacher by the Yoga Alliance through Sonic Yoga in New York City in 2011, and have seven years of experience as a progressive educator and public speaker. 

 I have researched the effects of food, diet, and inflammation on the body for 12 years, most recently at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I have been practicing applied kinesiology for athletes and in my coaching program since 2018, and completed Brian Johnson’s Optimize life coaching program in 2019.

Additional Interests

I love running, dancing, and playing in yoga poses. I have two young children who remind me every day how important it is to choose joy and reframe negativity as opportunities for growth and learning.

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