The Energetic Eating Method

The Energetic Eating Method

Is this for you?

  • You are sick of the cycle of fad dieting
  • You have yo-yo dieted for years
  • You’re tired of seeing the same number creep up on the scale
  • You make the same promises to yourself over and over again
  • You just want to love your body once and for all
  • You’re ready to stop using the scale to measure your self-worth 

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What EEM Members Say

I’ve been through Helen’s program and can attest to the powerful change it can make in your life. I’ve learned how to make positive changes that have affected all areas of my life. I’m treating my body better by choosing to fuel it in the right ways, which is allowing me to “show up” more fully for my daughter, husband, friends and clients. I just ran my first 10K yesterday, which I couldn’t have done even 6 months ago. Helen is so knowledgeable, relatable, encouraging and motivating.
Helen you truly change people’s lives everyday. I can’t thank you enough for the gift you have given me. You made me love me! Not 17 years of counseling, not destroying my body in bad workout classes and not starving myself, you, you did it, thank you!! Everyone should call you.
Helen, last night was very and inspiring. I came in wanting to think and discuss eating and healthy habits but ended up taking away something much bigger: the commonality of human experiences and the comfort that comes from knowing you are not alone. Thank you. I fell asleep last night without even washing my face but woke up early and filled out my journal with my intentions for the day. “
Helen has completely changed my life through her coaching and her energetic eating program. For those of you who need a change now and are feeling stuck and don’t know how to get through this time, I really suggest contacting her. She is so amazing and can help you get to the place where you want to be. She can teach you the tools to help you reach your goals. I just wanted to put this out there because she has helped me out so much and is a continued source of support and motivation.