Virtual & In Person
Energetic Movement Programs

The Energetic Way to 5K

12-week virtual course and 5k coaching
Begins September 13

Train for a Turkey Trot 5k in your local area!

The Energetic Way to 5k course and virtual coaching program supports women from walking to running or a combination of both using my guide to a holistic mind-body  approach to running. Ditch the old way of target goals, paces, and weight loss goals, and instead learn how to finally get out of your own way and commit to a lifelong passion for running in your unique body.

  • 12-week interactive progressive  walk/run calendar with instructional videos for proper form, strengthening, stretching, and self-care
  • Coaching through common mindset, nutritional, and behavioral obstacles to implementing running into your life
  • Virtual and local accountability through the members-only Facebook group
  • Access to my on-demand strength training classes
  • Additional workouts in the calendar such as yoga, core work, and body-weight strength training

*Members of the Energetic Eating Method enroll in the 5k for free.  Email Helen to reserve your spot.

The Energetic Way to Strength

12-Week Fall Session Starts September 13
24 live ZOOM sessions
9/14 - 12/2

Get the community-driven 12-weeks of STRENGTH

  • Two sessions per week for 12-weeks of strength (24 sessions) via Zoom
  • Additional support, workout replays, accountability, and coaching through my private members-only Facebook Group

*Members of the Energetic Eating Method get replays of all strength classes, enroll in live classes at a discount, and can start anytime. Please contact Helen if you are ready to add strength training after the start date.

Combined 5k Coaching & Strength Training

$379 (save $79!)

12-Week Fall Session Starts September 13
5k training &
24 ZOOM live strength training sessions
9/13 - 12/4

Commit to Total Body Health

  • A 12-week fully accountable program with live training designed to build confidence, and strength
  • 5k Coaching Monday Mornings — Wake up and Win with me on the 20-minute 6am Coaching call where we review the guide and answer questions!
  • Run 2 additional times, on your own virtually or in-person with us at our meeting spots in Maplewood, NJ
  • Strength Training 6am or 9:30am EST Tuesday, Thursday 
  • Support and on-demand strength training replays in the private Facebook Group

* Members of the Energetic Eating Method contact Helen directly to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the 5k Program

At least half of the trainees are in different time zones, use a treadmill, or just choose to run at different times of the day with friends and neighbors.

The other half are local to my hometown, Maplewood, NJ and run with our group. You’ll see us posting out group runs in the Facebook group.

The 5k training program is a guided journey through mindset, proper form, movement, strength, and stability that slowly increases from mostly walking to mostly (or all) running using my 12-week interactive guide. You will receive a weekly email from me Sundays with exactly what to do and what to focus on that week.

Every Monday morning we meet for a motivational zoom, where I will answer questions you have about the guide, your running body, and also coach you through physical and mental obstacles to implementing this in your life.

About 20 minutes.

Making space to commit to a workout program in your life is not easy. Making this a priority is not only a part of what makes this a successful program, but it instills confidence in your ability to show up even when it feels hard. 

The most successful women in the program show up on Monday mornings for the zoom, and find it’s the glue of the program where they get the greatest a-ha moments.

We meet locally in-person Wednesdays at 6am at Farrell Field, and Saturdays at 8am in the South Mountain Reservation. Details on those meet-ups are in the Facebook Group.

It is up to you to find your running time on Monday after the zoom.

Many people head out right after the coaching call. Some people meet up with friends later in the day, or after the work day. Showing up Saturday, you will meet others starting the program and it is possible you find someone who lives near you and you can make your own arrangements.

You are a part of our running community. You have the confidence to head out when you want to, post for virtual accountability and you can continue to meet with us locally with your confident runners body as long as we do!

About the Strength Program

About 40 minutes.

5 minutes reviewing the workout, 5 minute warm-up and stretch, 5-minute stability work, 20 minute workout, 5 minute stretch

A set of dumbbells, a mat, and a water bottle.

Shoes are optional. Most people benefit from starting with 5 pounds, 8 pounds, and 10 pounds.

About Both Programs


Exercising 20-30 minutes daily is an amazing way to honor your health. Between the 5k and the calendar, and the strength training, you have a joyful total body health framework to do that pretty much every day.

But if you don’t choose both, you can always sign up for the other one another time.

Members of my signature program, The Energetic Eating Method, train the 5k for free, and get a discount on the strength training. In addition to wanting more exercise, if this is also you:

  • You are tired of the cycle of fad dieting
  • You have yo-yo dieted for years
  • You’re tired of seeing the number creep up on the scale
  • You make the same promises to yourself over and over again
  • You just want to love your body once and for all

You might be interested in my 12-week signature program, The Energetic Eating Method, to help you really dive deep into how to use thoughts, food, and actions to fuel YOUR UNIQUE BODY to become the best version of yourself inside and out.

To explore this further and see if you’re a good fit, you can book a call here.